• Tragic Effects of Poaching Animals


    You don’t have to be glued to your TV set to realize that poachers are still very active in Africa. Despite all good intentions, anti-poaching laws and pressure placed on the countries like China and others who believe in the myths of aphrodisiacs of ground up rhino horn and magic powers coming from monkey paws… the tragedy and bloodshed in Africa still continues.

    Giraffes, several species of apes, elephants, zebras and rhinos continue to be killed every year by poaching. These animals deserve to live just as humans do. The senseless killing of these beautiful animals has to stop.

    Often when adult animals are killed, the babies often die soon thereafter as they are vulnerable to lions, tigers, cheetahs and other poachers.

    While deforestation of hundreds of acres through “clear cutting” has had an impact on many wildlife species in Africa, poaching still remains the single leading contributor for the decline of many animals in Africa.

    According the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) the number of rhinos poached has doubled over the last three years.

    • 122 rhinos poached in 2009
    • 333 rhinos poached in 2010
    • 388 rhinos poached in 2012

    Despite the fact there remains no medical proof that ground rhino horn powder offers any health benefits by consuming it, many Asians still believe ground rhino horn powder to be a miracle cure for nosebleeds, cancer, hangover remedies, strokes, convulsions and fever.

    Despite the gloomy numbers of rhinos taken through poaching, the good news is the numbers of black and white rhinos have actually been steadily growing.

    However some species of rhino are still on the list of critically endangered species. Click here to view the complete list.

    Organized Crime is to Blame

    The only reasons poaching of elephants, apes and rhinos continue is by the demand. Organized gangs and entire criminal syndicates use high technology to coordinate the capture and distribution of African animals. Military night-vision goggles, silenced sniper weapons and helicopters are used to instantly carry out big game kills to villages to cut up and process the animals into containers which are then shipped out of the country. Which sadly means that many of these beautiful animals can be wiped out to dangerous extinction levels.

    While many security forces have been hired to help police the wildlife preserves, more effort simply has to be done to help eliminate the gangs and stop the killing and export of animal parts.

    We need your help.

    We’re Producing a Movie to Educate the World

    We are producing a movie that will show several species of endangered animals in Africa. HelpingFeet.org is making a movie.

    In this movie, you’ll meet several species of African animals on the verge of extinction.

    The story centers around a family of elephants that spend their time around a small swampy patch of grass and water north of Kilamanjaro.

    One of the elephants is captured alive by a group of poachers for his ivory tusks. Tolu, the poor young elephant that is thrust into a foreign world.

    The movie takes a sobering look at the organized International crime rings and the local gangs of poachers that capture and kill these beautiful animals for monetary gain. The sad part of this movie is you will also learn why they are hunted, killed and butchered for their parts which find their way into the black market fueled by people who falsely believe there are magical properties by consuming the powders and elixirs made from these beautiful animals.

    We believe that educating more people through the sad truths this movie will reveal will help bring more awareness of the true savagery of this black market demand for African animals which is directly forcing many of these species into extinction.

    Won’t you help us save these endangered animals?

    We’ve already begun production, and we need your support. Every dollar will help. And some good news, remember Tolu the elephant?

    We were able to save Tolu, but not his mom – which was tragically shot and killed by poachers.

    We have a YouTube link below so you can share this video with others and it will include the Donate/Contibute Now link button, too.


    So you and your friends can help us raise the money we need to tell this story to the world.

    We thank you for your support.

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