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    Helping Feet is a non profit organization that focuses on Protecting Endangered African Wildlife Animals.

    Africa is home to many endangered or threatened species that include; Western African Giraffes, Mountain Gorillas, Bonobos, Grevy’s Zebras, White Rhinos, Lions and Elephants. Most of these beautiful endangered wildlife have been hunted into extinction for their different body parts.


    For example, the situation with the lion population in West Africa is particularly dire. Several studies have indicated that fewer than 500 lions now remain in West Africa.  As for the elephants they fare even worst in some areas. In Sudan, only about 5,000 elephants are left, down from around 130,000 in 1986, according to the United States-based Wildlife Conservation Society. This is due to rampant poaching and the illicit trade in ivory.


    Black market trade in wildlife and wildlife products is worth an estimated $10 billion per year, according to the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking, a group of government and wildlife organizations.


    These special and important animals and wildlife deserve to live and procreate just like we humans.

    That’s why we at Helping Feet are doing everything we can to help. But we can’t do it without your help.

    Our activities are funded through public donations and contributions and we appreciate any donations in cash, credit or any kind that support the activities of the organization.



    Helping Feet is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, incorporated as a 501c3

    This means that your contributions are tax deductible.


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