How it Works

We make it personal, fast and easy for you to complete the seamless process of donating your property by taking all the hassles out of it. Thus, saving you time and money.

Here's How it Works in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1. 
Complete Intake Form

You can Give US a Call  to tell us about your property so that our donation specialist can talk you through the process.

Step 2. 
We do a standard property review and complete our due diligence.

We'll run a standard review on the property, including title search, tax and lien search and environmental violations search to determine if the charity can accept your property. An appraisal is ordered to determine the full market value of your property.

Step 3. 
We’ll do the paperwork and send the closing documents for you to sign.

After which you receive a donation receipt acknowledging your donation for the full market value of your property. You can then deduct your donated property value from your taxes. Please consult your Accountant/CPA/Tax Advisor to assist you.

Enjoy all the tax advantages from donating your property today.

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